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We look after a number of villas on behalf of owners who want to realise a return on their investment but want to feel confident their property is in good hands, risk free and fully compliant with the New Touristic Home Laws.

We offer full management contracts including the marketing and administration, as well as client support, garden maintenance, pool maintenance etc., or property management excluding marketing, all at realistic prices and we would be happy to discuss these options with you, with no obligation whatsoever.

The New Touristic Home Laws and Generalitat Directive

If you are the owner of a rental property.

Have you registered your property with the Ayuntiamiento?

Is your Managing Agent registered at the Ayuntiamiento?

Do you have a registered Maintenance Company registered at the Ayuntiamiento?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then read the information appended below:

The Catalunya Government, via the Generalitat issued a Touristic Home enforcement decree in the last quarter of 2012. Most Councils are expected to be enforcing this from the end the first quarter 2013 and all are taking registrations now and issuing certificates of compliance.

Touristic Homes definition

A touristic Home is defined as a property (apartment or villa) that is temporarily assigned to a third party for financial reward.
The assignment should be for the total property and not by parts or rooms.

Requirements to become a Touristic Home

The house needs to have a “Cédula Habitabilidad” and the property cannot be occupied by more people than defined in that “Cédula Habitabilidad”

The property should have sufficient furniture and prepared with all the necessary equipment expected of rental properties.
The visitors should have a 24hr, 7 day per week, contact person in case of any maintenance or urgency service requirement.
The owner of the Touristic Home should have in place a contracted maintenance service from a company. (Note: Not an individual or friend)

Municipality Communication

The “Touristic Home” needs to be registered with local town Hall (Ayuntiamiento) in the area where the house is located, before the start of the rental activity. The registration must be made by the owner and the management company and also confirm that the Cedula de Habitabilidad is in place, as well a management contract.

In the case that the Marketing & Client Management of the touristic home is assigned to a third party (Marketing Agent or Holiday Rentals Company), additional information is required, including Marketing Agent/Rental company details and confirmation of a formally documented contract.

This Registration may incur a cost and each Town Hall can set its own registration fees, at the moment Calonge & St Antoni de Calonge is Free. Plat’ja D’aro is €280 discounted to 50% for early registrations and Sta. Christina D’aro is also Free at this time. It is expected that St. Feliu will charge €250.

Catalunya Touristic Register

Each town Hall will automatically register all “Touristic Homes” that have been declared to the Catalunya Touristic Register in the Generalitat. A touristic tax will apply to all visitors, (including non fee paying friends etc)., to the touristic homes. This tax is 50 cents per person, per day (Over the age of 16) and payable for the first 7 days in any one visit, directly to the tourism authority in the Generalitat.

Occupancy Register

The owner of the “Touristic Home” or the company that manages it, must also inform Direcció General de Policia (Police Department) by data link, details of all visitors, to include entry/departure dates, names, passport or National ID card numbers etc.

Note: Failure to comply fully with this decree in any part, can result in a €30,000 fine for the owner and management agents, or any individuals directly involved.

Also note all revenues generated from property rentals in Spain are subject to tax and must be declared to the tax authority. However “Tourisitc Homes” are IVA exempt and most running costs surrounding the rentals, such as house cleaning; pool maintenance; garden maintenance; mortgage Interest; gestoria costs; emergency repairs; marketing fees; agency & management co. fees; laundry etc., can all be claimed to offset any tax liability. Therefore the tax implication is likely to be very reasonable.

Also the allowable costs incurred can be claimed for the period when the touristic home is available for rent and not just when it’s occupied.

If you require further information or would like to explore alternative Property Management services at realistic prices, please contact us. Talking is Free!





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