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If you have considered buying a property on the Costa Brava, whether for permanent residence or holiday home, you may want to consider a cheaper alternative - building your own!

Over the last ten years (to 2012), it has been the case that if you're not in a hurry, you can save up to 50% of your expenditure on a new home, or build a home that's twice the size for the same investment as a resale property.

Obviously this is a general guideline, but significant savings in the order of 100's of thousands are achievable, whether your thinking euros or pounds.

How can this be? Well you can act as a promoter in Spain and receive all the benefits along with this status, such as Bank Funding: Reduced IVA; Promoter's profit and as the promoter you can still be the ultimate purchaser/owner.

How does this work?

We introduce you to plots for sale, together with English speaking architects, bank managers; builders; solicitors and suppliers and more than one of each if required.

We then help you find a plot of land (with planning consent) in an area you like. (Prices for a 2000 sq. metre plot at commencement of 2012 vary from €80,000 to €300,000 depending on location, views, access etc).

Build costs are based on between €1,200 and €1,500 per square metre of build, depending on the quality of materials used and the finish required.

This means you can build a brand new modern 4 bedroom villa (comprising 150 sq. metres accommodation) on a big plot of 1,000 sq. metres for €180,000. Therefore the total build costs are €280,000. In this area of the Costa Brava, a similar new house sale price would be in the region of €600,000, prices at November 2012 (we have detailed builder ads on file).

We hold your hand all the way and if necessary attend all meetings with you or attend for you and translate and report where necessary.

We then project manage the build on your behalf locally and supply comprehensive weekly feedback of project versus plan, including a level of reporting you prefer, i.e. verbal and photographic evidence. (If required, even Critical Path Analysis or Microsoft Project; Ghant or Pert chart progress).

We attend all inspection visits with the Architect & Aparejador (technical architect) and monitor all work in hand. Near a project completion we also arrange of Internal Fixtures & fittings and Furniture supply.

Property letting can also be contracted if required, as well as Garden Landscaping & Maintenance and Swimming Pool Maintenance. These are other Bravacare services that we can supply to our clients. See our Property Management section for more details.

Example - Vizcondado de Cabanyes

Historically here in the Calonge area, house building has taken up to two years for completion, including one of the Bravacare managers own property in Cabanyes.

A similar project of ours was commenced in March and finished in November. The cost to the Scottish developer/owner was approximately €362,000 to complete, including the land cost and was mainly financed by a local bank, arranged by us.

The bank conservatively value the completed property at €600,000 for the bank loan purposes, but the owners were offered €700,000 cash recently to sell, and turned down the offer, principally because they love their own purposely designed and specified property.

Whether you look at the banks, or the owners valuation, there's between €238,000 and €438,000 profit on this build. Not a bad investment in its own right, let alone the potential of fabulous holidays for the family for the foreseeable future and a yearly rental income in excess of €20,000.

Whilst this may seem incredible, it's a true and verifiable story. Obviously there's hidden costs above the build, such as Notary fees; furniture; etc but these also apply to a resale purchase.

Below are a few of some of the 400 plus photographs we hold, covering this particular project. If you want to see or know more, please ask, we'll be happy to respond



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